Monday, September 24, 2012

5 Ways For Men Over 40 to Immediately Begin to Get Fit

Increasingly men over forty are becoming concerned about their health, overall well-being and longevity. Awareness of heart disease and concern about our physique and appearance peaks our curiosity as to how we might actively begin to change and become fit. Fortunately, we can begin to take steps immediately to look the way we desire and feel healthy as we engage in a regular fitness regimen.
Regardless of your current physical condition there are several important considerations to your overall holistic approach to good health and becoming physically fit.Take some time to think through what you really want. Do you want a six pack to impress the woman of your dreams or do you want to actively pursue a healthy lifestyle in your diet and physical exercise program in order to combat poor health.
Obesity is rampant in our culture and needless to say a killer. Poor habits produce an undesirable lifestyle that affects not only how we feel about ourself at the deepest levels but also how we appear to those we desire to be in relationship with. The good news is that all this can change and as it does it will ultimately increase our level of self-confidence and overall physical and psychological health.
1. Diet - This may take some time to adjust but well worth it. There are many interesting findings due to recent scientific research about diets that will prove valuable to your goals and reaching the results you desire. Read some books, get informed and take action.
2. Rest - A good nights sleep that is deep and fulfilling is a great commodity to me personally. When I sleep well I am energized for the day ahead and psychologically I am at my peak. Don't underestimate this as somehow insignificant to good health.
3. Choose a fitness program - Fitness programs can be a great guide and provide us with structure that enables us to exercise in a holistic approach empowering us to reach our goals for our body. You don't have to join a gym to have a great fitness program.
4. Determine your goals - Goal setting and achievement should be included in your daily approach to fitness. Make them written, measurable and clear. When you accomplish one or more of your goals celebrate it as a victory. This will empower you to set increasingly higher goals and keep you forward looking.
5. Never Give Up - If you have tried a fitness regimen in the past but stopped at some point you might be tempted to have a defeat mindset and wonder if you end up the same as before. Take courage and begin to take the position of never giving up. I mean never, never, never giving up.
It might be helpful to enlist a friend to join you in your fitness routine or even simply to talk to you about how well you are accomplishing your goals. Another perspective from a supportive friend can be very encouraging and lead to greater determination thereby strengthening your resolve.

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